Basking in a much deserved pat-on-the-back for surviving the past 12 years as a DIY label, Blacktop Records has released a compilation album featuring a broad spectrum of the label's favorite artists alongside some of their good friends and fittingly titled Don't Give Up. The Tillsonburg, Ontario based label has compiled a number of tracks ranging from mellow singer-songwriter all the way to pop punk, as well as hard rock all for the awesome goal of helping out the Transgender Law Center.

     With artists like White Mystery, Lisa Loeb, and Small Stresses, you are offered songs with an up-tempo rock flavor that blends pop punk aesthetics with classic alternative, while artists like Meghann Wright bring more of a post-rock and dynamically complex sound. Rum Fit Mosey and Jonah Matranga hold down the modern coffee house vibe and own more the low-key moments on the album, while Brian Byrne shifts the gears slightly into a more modern pop country element.

      One of the more sonically stylized acts on the compilation, like Open Hand, maintain the same high production quality style of the other artists but has more noticeable post-modern and synthetic qualities. The Wheatus remix definitely still maintains the same whimsical qualities you've come to expect from them in the past on songs like "Teenage Dirtbag" that teeters somewhere between Ween and Weezer. Wrapping up the compilation is the legendary brutal comedy relief of Green Jelly, who's signature growl and shred will only further your intense cravings for salty corn chips and metal riffs.

       The standout track of this compilation is from Kill Surf City, it has a great attitude that is reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain as well as The Raveonettes. For all of the Pokemon fanatics out there reading this there is also a remix of the theme on there, admittedly though it is not my thing, it has some redeeming novelty qualities when put in context of the great message behind the album. So download this album, snag the CD while you still can, and rock out for an amazing cause!