The remarkable thing about Kyle Duke’s career is the Connecticut and New York-based artist’s ability to multitask as both a musician in his own right and a full-time college student. A BFA student in Recorded Music at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Duke spends his days in New York juggling the roles of artist, student, and audio engineer for himself and fellow student-musicians. Perhaps this restless energy was the driving force in Duke’s step forward with the release of “Motivation” under project Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys. Over racing, spasmodic guitar licks, Duke sings a bustling yet clever ode to opulent rock-n-roll lifestyles in light of the humbling process of establishing oneself as a musician. “I wanna move to Toronto, I wanna make myself a star,” he sings with the hushed, warbly inflect of glam rock icons like T. Rex, “I couldn’t spend another dime though, I guess I won’t get very far.”

      Trading the slacker-rock style that characterized Aquatic Pop and Snack Time for pulsating, dynamic riffs in the vein of punk rock, “Motivation” is Duke’s most focused track to date. Owing partial writing credits to Silicon Valley, Duke explains that the lyric “fast cars and exploding guitars” come from a Facebook personality quiz. “Sarah [band member] bet me ten dollars that I couldn’t write a song with the lyric, which popped up from one of those quizzes. It said something like ‘Kyle loves fast cars and exploding guitars,’” he explained jokingly, “So I might owe Mark Zuckerberg a songwriting credit.”

      “Motivation” is one of many singles Duke will release over the course of the next few months. On Sunday, December 17th, he headlines New York’s the Bowery Electric. Purchase tickets here.