Sunscreen and palm trees collide with scuzz rock on Hockey Dad’s latest single “Homely Feeling.” Facilitating this culture clash since 2013 is Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming. With sand on the floor and thick overdrive the fusion is effortless. “Homely Feeling” embodies the no-shoes garage rock that has become synonymous with Hockey Dad.

     A follow up to August 2016’s Boronia, it seems to be a continuation of the sea-foam distortion and sun bleached punk. The jangling “Laura” and easy energy of “Dylan's Place” feel like summer in three minutes. Stevenson on drums and Fleming covering vocals and guitar possess an innate chemistry begotten from their high school days when they were just starting to dip their toes into the music world.

    “Homely Feeling” while still a classic Hockey Dad song stands on its own. There isn’t a single dull moment, teeming with energy - it’s electric. While Boronia could serve as background music to skating and surfing, “Homely Feeling” dominates. Lyrically the song doesn’t delve into flowery imagery, rather it goes straight to the point with jagged repetition. Brutally honest, the hook remains catchy with ‘say I’m not the one.’ High alert and hell bent on not succumbing to the homely feeling, there’s a devotion to discomfort that’s impossible to restrain. The simple truths washed out in balmy backbeats help him ‘make it through the night,’ and provide a sense of vibrancy.

     “Homely Feeling” is the first single from their new album Blend Inn which is due out sometime next year. Ascribing influences to everything from Twin Peaks to Nirvana, the album was recorded in Seattle in the midst of missing home. Despite the heavier influences the Australian sun never seems to waver from Hockey Dad - a piece of sunshine stuck in everything they do.


samantha sullivan