Bludgeoning in a much-needed dash of style and cool to the London music scene of the mid-seventies, The Cannibals roared onto the scene with a raucous and audacious blend of hard-hitting rhythm and blues. Formed in 1976 by Mike Spenser, The Cannibal's raw and unhinged style of garage rock has been credited with starting the trash movement in London around 1982 as well as continuing to heavily influence today's generation of trash rockers. Their career has spanned 40 plus years, capturing the high energy chaos of sweaty clubs while melding it with soulful sweet delivery reminiscent of the 50's and 60's.

     Powering and partially defining the band and their sound is their period-correct collection of 60's drums, guitars, amps and p.a. that deliver a warm, slightly buzzed, harmonic quality that can only be produced by those golden and silver era models. Further separating them from the heavier, denser sound of the early punk bands of that time that relied more on the saturation and power of modern gear, rather than the intrinsic attitude and charming imperfections the older generation offered.

     On releases like Bone To Pick and Trash For Cash, you are served a heaping dose of the band's influential and frantic sound, while their split with The Surfadelics and albums like And The Lord Said...Let There Be Trash display the off-the-wall humor of the band that basks in it's peerless path. In true fashion of their aesthetic and its era, you can find some incredible covers from the band ranging from high powered to their special version of tender heartache.

     After a recent string of reunion shows, your chances of getting to see them live seems to be possibly over for the moment. However, we can keep our fingers crossed that someday we can bask in their brief return once again. Until said day, you can check out Mike on Trash Can Radio where he not only discovers new acts but also provides a platform for the the next wave of garage rockers as well as spinning of the classics of garage, punk, and rock n roll's heyday.