Creating their own brand of rock that's somewhere between coffee house and demolition derby, VACATION of Cincinnati, OH is paving their own path with simplistic structures and pure DIY ambition with their latest release. Their Cooking EP is a gritty, lo-fi collection of twisted folk songs that are eerily blissful and completely chaotic, incorporating varied instrumentation documented in an incredibly raw, do-it-yourself aesthetic. It was released this past Halloween and it is available for download and streaming via their Bandcamp.

     Following up the release of SOUTHERN GRASS:THE CONTINUATION OF ROCK'N'ROLL VOL. 1 & 2 in July 2017, the Cooking EP seems to be a noticeably more stripped down release that is definitely different from what they have been previously known for. Featuring three distinctly different versions of the song " Cooking" that range from quick demo to home studio quality. Giving you the unique chance to see what seems to be the progression of the song, a luxury usually only relegated to those in or around the band.

    With the next track "Worthwhile Life Defined," you fall into a mid-tempo drone whose simple nature seems to be an off-the-cuff peak into a more playful and experimental side of the group. The nature of the piece as well as it's minimal qualities seem to be well suited as an instrumental, hopefully foreshadowing more of what is to come from the band in the future. Wrapping up the EP with a stark and amped-up cover of "In Between Days" by The Cure, which seems less and less surprising the further you go into the VACATION catalog.

      The release has an interesting "behind the scenes" perspective and seems like a welcomed addition to any of their fan's collections, especially since it's such a departure from the last one. The best part for me is that it shows first hand how modern bands create music and interact with their fans, removing borders and making them a more interactive part of the process. You can check them out on tour now in support of the EP, maybe you can ask them if they'll play all three versions of "Cooking?"