November in the southwest is the start of the patio season, where we all find ourselves craving a lifestyle that starts with a newspaper and hot cup of coffee in the morning concluded with an evening with mood lighting, good beer, and better company. Attic Fowler’s new album, Addict Flower, is the soundtrack that I have playing throughout the patio days that has me and my company feeling nostalgic and groovy all at the same time.

     Addict Flower embodies the mood the aura that the patio-dwellers (or patio-seekers) alike are looking for. The album is made up of 11 tracks, with a four minute long instrumental track titled “Bormes” to set the scene of the album. From track to track, Addict Flower gives a proper balance between mellow story-telling acoustics to faster, upbeat tracks with more brass instruments and heavier percussion.

      Attic Fowler first assembled back in 2011 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and have since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia but have kept their Tennessee rock’n’roll roots present in their music. With Tennessee in mind, listeners can hear the folk music the state is known for at the root of nearly all of their tracks. On top of that folk inspiration are layers of mellow guitars and keys and occasional saxophone and percussion placements that give Attic Fowler that psychedelic pop meets alternative folk they are known for. The album is not only an easy listen from start to finish, but a necessary album to have on repeat.

      The cover art of the album, an embroidered needlework of desert scenery perfectly captures a visual mood board for the sounds the album produced. My favorite track? Changing between “Soon Enough” and “Billy Will Swim.”