With the ring of a phone you know your psyched-out rock n' roll journey with Mean Motor Scooter is officially starting, concocting a potent blend of driving guitars, witch-y organs and incredibly memorable vocal hooks whose delivery is equal parts caustic and bluesy. Their debut album, Hindu Flying Machine, is a surf-garage explosion that maintains it's soulful delivery and frenetic punk energy from start to finish. It is available on coke-bottle translucent green vinyl, cassette, and download through Dirty Water Records USA.

      Over a year after the release of Naked Brunch / Such a Seducer, this full-length offers a more concise and textured feel compared to their previous material which seems slightly more stripped-down. The first single off of the album is "Sea Serpent," a lovable take on modern-psychedelia with a hyper-stylized nod to garage's heyday. This track will strike a soft spot in your heart if you happen to be a fan of Edwyn Collins or The Black Keys, mixing modern and retro elements giving it a more classic feel while still adhering to modern recording aesthetics.

      On tracks like "Cosmonaut" and "We're Not Alone," you can see their other-worldly musical freedom that strays from what you would conventionally expect from a garage album, diving into a more whimsical and theatrical side. While with tracks like "Lizard Man" and "Wavespotting," you are reminded of their straight-forward rock and surf roots. By the time you're on the B-side you're high-speed cruising right to the end with help from tracks like "Dr. Benway" and "Brainhole" that seem to encapsulate the non-stop energy of bands like The Sonics or The Hives.

      As a fan of garage rock I really love the combo of organs and electric guitar especially if a band can develop their own signature twist to it. For an album that tackles such pressing topics of the day like lizards, aliens, and shape-shifters, it was impressively coherent and light. So pick up the album and make it a point to see them when they come to your town, along with their incredible energy and stage presence it might just be your best chance to see a UFO!