R&B and Surf are two genres I never gave second thought to to being compatible. Yet Phoenix based band Pro Teens defies any presumptions regarding the two, both respectively and combined, by weaving them together effortlessly. This talent holds itself to be true particularly on their latest release, Philistines.

    The record has a dreamy ambience to it, but not in a sweet way, in a very laid back surf kind of manner. Each track provides a sense of steady rhythm made for melancholy head nodding or soundtracking a late night skateboarding adventure. The breezy energy given off comes as a result of the quirky guitar riffs, softly crashing percussion and vocals that sometimes sound like a low hum and other times like a cry for escape from stagnant or unhealthy living.

     The lyrics are not particularly profound, given how centerstage the instrumental aspects are, but they do ring true in terms of relatability nonetheless. Andrew Phipps, guitar and vocals of the group, lazily sings out lines regarding coming to terms with your own feelings while trying to figure out the feelings of others. On “Signals Cross,” Phipps croons “You could just speak exactly what's on your mind/But that doesn't mean that I would understand,” hitting spot on the struggle of figuring yourself out as well as others at the same time.

     As a whole, the band’s vibe is something like a crossover of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and King Krule, with it's full band sound, instrumental intricacies, and a prominent laid back surf pop influence.