Living up to the sonic standard that they have set for themselves with their name, UK's own Thee MVPs deliver crushing tunes with a commanding yet experimental and highly emotive spirit that pushes their music far beyond any simple definition one could expect to find under terms like punk or rock. Beginning in 2012, their intense edge and angst teetering into catchy hooks and dreamy nuances has quickly conjured a vast catalog in collaboration with an array of well-known labels the likes of Greenway Records, bachelor rekurds, PNKSLM, No Iguana Records, Stolen Body Records, Astro Records and Slovenly Records to name a just few. Their latest release SESH / FOSSER can be found on their hand numbered, limited edition clear vinyl 7" through Too Pure Singles Club starting November 24th.

     Rapidly following the release of "Receiver" in October along with a number of other new tracks, re-releases and covers, the A side to their latest single “SESH” proves to be a true anthem in the best ways possible. Landing on the music spectrum somewhere between Palma Violet, early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Pixies, the awkward stutter of the quiet verses that explode into the booming chorus only help to emphasize the song's hypnotizing characteristics. While completely embedding itself into your psyche, it will also leave you as homesick for classics of late 80's and early 90's college radio as their highly derivative music channel logo.

     On the B side you can find the track “FOSSER,” a noticeably more barbed and dissonant song that is akin to the majority of their material. Accented by a driving chorus, noise-laden verses, and sudden shifts of intensity, it conjures a familiarity to the likes of Mudhoney and The Jesus Lizard. This track more accurately captures the intensity of the band's live feel, making the A side even more unexpected and hopeful as well as helping to show the larger scale of their ambitious musical vision.

     I'm particularly fond of this release as of late, I'm a sucker for a really good single especially if it is completely epic yet unassuming. Going off of the sheer amount of material being generated by them and it's varying scope of influences, I'd say it's a no brainer that they are a band to keep on your radar. Since being discovered by Ty Segall after only 8 gigs they have become veterans of Fluffer Pit Parties, FLUFFERFEST, Bristol Psych Fest, SXSW, NXNW, etc., so their potential for 2018 seems absolutely limitless.