With concise clarity and incredibly tangible surrealism, Bong Wish draw you in with a fresh and relatable take on folk psychedelia in their much anticipated self titled EP available on cassette through Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Recorded by singer and band visionary Mariam Saleh, this is an intensely vivid as well as textural piece that basks in its serene minimalism and relaxed likability. It's immersive grooves are furthered by a message of love that is equal parts passive and poignant.

     After a couple years of gigging and much anticipation for it's release, their debut recording is a four song journey that delves into your head and heart via sobering organic instrumentation, focused mantras, and enchanting vocal harmonies. From the affectionate simplicity and Kate Bush-esq ethereal qualities of the opening track, "My Luv," followed up by the whimsical Ween inspired "Saturn Spells," you establish an instant understanding of the band's intended comfort and earnest nature.

     While tracks like "Conversation with Business People," with it's instant dance-ability, keen sense of groove, and catchy hooks is a surprising splash of color that shows an incredible depth and vast range to the songwriting. Concluding with "In The Sun" which has a sway that is reminiscent of Velvet Underground and neatly displays a recurring overall theme of perceptive attention to mood and atmosphere. It is also a great track to demonstrate how cohesive, meticulously thought-out and well executed the collection of songs is as a whole.

     This is a must listen for 2017. It is not only an exciting first glimpse into what is potentially yet to come for the group but could also possibly play a part in helping us redefine what we could expect from modern folk to come. A track like "My Luv" is an obvious standout single and sets the tone to come for the EP, however for me "Conversations with Business People" is the track that I find I can't get enough of regardless of it's six minute length. It is the exact kind of song that comes to mind when I think of a 12" single.