ACETONE: 1992-2001


     At a time when nostalgia for acts of the past seems to be at an all time high, no band is more deserving of a reissue or anthology than Los Angeles' own Acetone. 1992-2001 is the band's first anthology and features 9 previously unreleased tracks that are available on double LP, CD as well as for download. This collection is a welcomed addition to any home's tiki bar, poolside boom-box, or 90's-music-aficionado's music collection.

     Immediately you're transported to a mild, gentle soundscape as seemingly care-free as the album's sunny day artwork would lead you to believe it is. The instrumentation is very understated and delicate, allowing every nuance of the guitars and snare to be heard clearly. The golden melodies and thoughtful story-telling of the vocals tie the whole package together as well as put it very much in a Elliot Smith or Jeff Buckley context.

     The daze-educing opening track "Shaker", has an almost crooning Chris Isaac quality to it. While the follow up track "All The Time" which is a noticeable standout, has an understated REM-esq quality to its rhythm and delivery. The collection of music as a whole remains consistent in its mood and tempo, never deviating far from it's gentle drift. The demos that are peppered in there are mastered well and so their quality is not distracting to the general feeling of the piece.

      This album’s laid-back demeanor is absolutely lovely for a Sunday afternoon. It's breathy quality and subtle snare-rattles make it feel more along the lines of an LA album from the 60's, very warm and nonchalant. In case you didn't catch them in their heyday opening for the likes of Oasis, Mazzy Star, The Verve, etc., you're in luck! The trio has reunited and are playing shows in the LA area in support of the anthology's release.