The Symposium’s re-recorded/re-released lo-fi dream pop single, “Dracula’s Lunch,” is one minute and thirty-three seconds of purely haunting energy. Filled with ethereal melodies and hypnotic synth, the song feels like walking through a dimly lit street on a windy fall night. Six months since the release of their latest self-titled album, and with Halloween just around the corner, the single could not be re-released at a better time. Eerie lyrics like “at night I feel like somebody else” are sure to stay with you, as the hums play over and over again in your head. I immediately hear heavy similarities that characterize other dream pop artists, with a comparable neo-psychedelic sound to bands like Inner Wave and SadGirl.

     One thing is certain, "Dracula's Lunch" is sure to leave a lasting impression on its listeners. The band has found a way to maintain the same classic 'Symposium' sound that fans know and love, while still experimenting with haunting melodies. The band has found a way to be cohesive yet still developmental, leaving their audience eternally entertained. As for the fan base, all we can do now is hope for another release in the near future. In the meantime, “Dracula’s Lunch” will keep us enchanted for months to come...