Where isn’t Clay Frankel these days? An active member of one of the most iconic bands in the new wave of garage-rock revival, Twin Peaks, Clay has now taken on a new side project alongside Chris Balioni (aka Home-Sick). The duo entitled Grapetooth have been working on the collaboration for two years, finally releasing their single “Trouble.”
      As the first track produced by Grapetooth, it lays the foundation for what we can expect next. Coupling Frankel’s distinct uncut vocals with the more laid back style of the song creates the perfect juxtaposition between lo-fi and Frankel's usual rock style. The song sways towards slack-pop with the bouncy rhythms and the ridiculously catchy repetition. There’s an eclectic nature that comes with it despite the seemingly fluid repetition that keeps you so enamored with the song. It’s impossible to stop listening once you start, exhibiting that Grapetooth has mastered the art of earworms on their first go around.
       The music video released along with the song depicts the duo whizzing by on motorcycles and dancing through city streets after dark highlighting the casual excitement of it all. There’s a quirkiness to the pair as they dance around in raincoats and lipsync their own lyrics that adds an authenticity and makes them a band you want to believe in. Their quirky nature and down to earth sentiment is laced all throughout the track.
       With a youthful charm and a  20-something confidence, Grapetooth is currently poised for an infinite amount of possibilities. It’s rare that a band can assert themselves on their first release, but here it’s evident that not only do these boys possess the talent, but they have the originality to create something really worth listening to.


samantha sullivan