On an unusually warm September night, the brothers D'Addario and their band captivated the nearly packed Black Cat in Washington DC. From the moment the Lemon Twigs took the stage, emerging from the green room to Van Morrison’s “And It Stoned Me,” to their triumphant end with an enthusiastic encore the crowd remained entranced.

     Drenched in nostalgia and geeky charm, the Lemon Twigs laid down earnest and raw vocals, backed by the power of their four piece band; comprised of bassist Megan Zeankowski and keyboardist Danny Ayala as well as the brothers themselves.

    Drawing mainly from their debut album Do Hollywood, the Lemon Twigs played the hell out of their whimsical songs. All are tunes that have a knack for drawing the listener into the twigs’ psyche while simultaneously dipping the listener in musical bliss.

    Their musical style can be considered a reincarnation of older acts but the breadth of their material overshadows any attempt to write off of them as a "throwback act." They are one of the most interesting bands around. Songs off latest EP Brothers of Destruction, "Night Song" and "Why Didn't You say That" made their way into the set as well. “Night Song” adding a more dark and experimental edge to the night. They also slipped in a few unreleased songs that sounded more straight cut rock than their previous work, hinting at a possible musical evolution.

     A swig or Corona here and there and the twigs were off, encouraging the crowd to dance. Nonetheless, the crowd was relatively static which was disappointing considering that the songs sounded totally upbeat and danceable live. Still it was so much fun to sing along while dancing with my friends. Masters of the complex chorus the twigs’ songs make you believe in every aspect of love and make you feel sadly, heartbreak. "Baby, Baby" and "As Long As We Are Together" pretty much good ass power ballads are as catchy as they are interesting to listen to.

     The twigs paraded around the stage working both ends with ease, engaging the crowd with jokes and brotherly commentary. Michael and Brian play drums and guitar interchangeably, which was damn impressive. The younger twig punctuated his guitar solos with kicks in the air, and played his drumset with Keith Moon gusto. All before going a little punk and writhing on the floor. A high octane performance with promise of a new album in the mix? Solid 10/10 for the twigs.

written by AVA AHMANN