Twin Peaks is determined to leave 2017 with a bang. Despite their hectic touring schedule the band has decided to release two singles every month, starting in July and ending with the twelve song compilation to be released in December. With constantly being on the road, the unconventional approach allows for the band to release their songs without having to commit to a full album. Starting in July with “Tossing Tears” and “Under The Pines,” the band asserted those garage punk roots that have become synonymous with Twin Peaks. August brought “Shake Your Lonely” and “The Trees” which had embodied the end of summer nostalgia and gave a glimpse at the softer side of the band. The September installments, “Come For Me” and “Fat Chance” have already been released, as well as October’s “Blue Coupe” and “On The Line.”

     The first of the two latest singles, “Come For Me” is sure to put a smile on your face. In line with their classic style the song is absolutely radiant. A quirky love song in it’s own way with lyrics like “I wouldn’t mind the rain if it was falling when you came,” it’s easy to fall for and keep on repeat. It’s casual and caring with a hint of jangle pop to give it a laid back quality. Even the lyrics reflect the tone saying “Well I could be watching a movie/I might as well be watching you/Well I could be ordering sushi/Well I might as well be ordering you.” The infectious outro ties the song together nicely giving it a sing along feel and nod to the 60’s rock influences.

    From the first three counts into “Fat Chance,” you know it’s something special. The fragile vocals and gentle finger plucked melody gives it a purity unreplicable. Heavy with weariness and nostalgia it’s numbing and comforting hearing Clay crone to “rest easy while I’m home.” It’s an ‘I just woke up and I literally don’t even know where I am right now or how to get home but I love you more than anything kind of feeling as well as an I’m sorry things have to be this way and I would do anything to fix it.’ Like maybe you just said a really painful goodbye, or you’re faced with the realization that this time things really aren’t going to work out. It just makes you feel, and it’s a feeling I can’t place but one that only this song can really evoke. I don’t know how they did it, maybe it’s the authenticity, maybe it comes from such a raw and real place that it’s shocking to hear out loud.

     With only half of the singles released December can’t come soon enough. The growing anticipation for the full set of releases heightens with the excitement of each release. With the wide variety of styles and subjects Twin Peaks could go anywhere with this next set. Keeping a whole audience mesmerized by two songs shows the true talent and artistic genius that the band possesses. Even past the next release, I’ll be keeping these on repeat.


samantha sullivan